Thursday, May 10, 2007

Business Card Link to check out today

One of the things I was looking at today was the various collections some folks have either on FLickr or on their own blogs, or various Business Cards and Advert ideas they have found or have done. So here's a little bit of them:
Creative Bit's Ivan has some really awesome and very smart cards on their Blog. Like a Scratch Away cards, Awesome die cut chairs or the best one the Flexible Personal Trainer card!

Also check out this collection of Business Cards from FLickr. (Features the Scott Ott card you see above)

Another place you definitely should look up is Ideabook's tutorials page on business cards with various ideas and way to spruce up and design a card that people will remember!

Want to make your own?

Here's a way thats simple and can be from home Business Card Land's set up!
Now I haven't run through all of it, myself, but it seems pretty solid. I was never one to really use the Avery Business card paper, even though I had a ton of it left over form my HP rep days, it could still be a very worthwhile little tutorial and tool for short runs for meetings or needing to get some small info out, or as a back up for running out of cards, or while waiting for cards. Either way go to it, and if you can, send anything you make my way

Cartoons drawn on the Back of Businesss cards

An amazing idea, brought to you by Hugh Mcleod, to put the cartoons on cards and is updated daily. Of course I thought i was the genius who thought this up, it's great to see not just an idea in action but in a whole other approach that i would have thought.
On top of that, the cartoons are witty and deep rooted in thought, just making the small displays of brilliance that nay all clients would enjoy.
And if you like a cartoon enough, you can even have a card made with his cartoon on it!
He even has a widget you can put on your blog that can see down to the right here at HMC Blog!

Who? What? Where?

Here's My Card Blog, is simple: we look at Business cards. All types all businesses all places. Here we see all the different ways you can try to make yourself present, memorable, and different in the minds of both potential and venerable clients.
Plus sometimes it's just fun!